Painting window frames and window sashes

Available  April - October

We can paint the sashes and frames (both interior and exterior), as part of the restoration process whilst the windows are removed from their frames.

This removes the need for scaffolding in order to do exterior window painting.

As well as inhibiting sash movement, old paint can disguise the true extent of wood rot. Preparation for painting whilst the windows are removed from the frame ensures that all wood defects are exposed and at a time when they can be most effectively repaired. 

We will tailor our approach according to the type and condition of the existing paintwork, as well as your plans for your property.

The painting process:

  • Paint removed using chemical stripper /sanding/ heat once the windows have been removed from the frames.
  • Wood repairs undertaken (n.b. major ones are costed separately). Occasionally this will necessitate the removal of a sash window to the workshop, however we do most repairs on-site.
  • Bare wood surfaces primed & undercoated.
  • Two top coats applied​.    

   This service is provided from £200 per frame and £400 for frame and window sashes.

The price quoted will depend on window design

(e.g. number of glazing bars, size and existing paintwork)

Alternatively, once the initial restoration work has been completed.    you may decide to organise the painting/decorating yourself.