Overhaul & Draught Proofing  

Why draught proof? - Originally there was no method to keep sash windows draught free or from working loose and developing  rattles.  Now  we can solve these problems by inserting draught excluders, which tighten up loose fitting windows and ensure they are rattle-free and  that heat loss, as air movement,  is reduced by up to 90%. 

Is your window hard to open or does it refuse to stay open? We will work out what the problem is and ensure  that it operates efficiently and safely. 

​​Is the wood visibly rotten? We can mend the existing window and frame using hardwood and the" Repair Care" system. This can be very cost effective and is much less disruptive than replacing a window entirely. The majority  of this kind of  work can be carried out in situ and without the need for scaffolding.  Click here for Repair Care website

  • ​​Repairs of wood defects in both the window and frame
  • Cords replaced  
  • Draught proofing ​   
  • Sash weights re-balanced
  • Sashes levelled to meeting bar
  • New staff and parting beads
  • Old flaking putty replaced 
  • New window furniture & security locks  
  • Rotten timbers repaired / replaced and  broken glass replaced (both costed separately)

​​                                    ​​From £400 per window