New wooden sash windows for  your home

New wooden "like for like" replacement sash windows that are double glazed, improve both the sound and heat insulation for your home.  We can either replace just the sash window ( the moving bit), or the entire window including the box frame.

  • We  also supply and install new single glazed  windows for listed buildings.

  • ​​​All our windows are bespoke and comply with current safety and energy saving standards. 

  • You can choose from a range of options for wood, glass and frame design which will be included in the specification. 
  • Our customers choose new windows that faithfully replicate the originals in design​. It is possible to choose glass that looks slightly irregular, as glass used to.

  • Let us know your preferences and we will ensure that the appearance and performance of the new windows match your requirements as well as complying with regulations.