Resin used to rebuild window 

  • Repair of window frames using Repair Care and hardwood. SW6
  • ​Installation of new double glazed sash windows into the existing old box frame. SW11

"10/10 service."

  GM   SW18

Repairs to an original sash window in SW2:

 Here the sill has been replaced with a new hard wood sill and rotten sections of the frame have been repaired and painted prior to the original window being re - hung. 

During repairs - all rotten wood removed 

  • Installation of  new double glazed sash windows into the original frames which were fully restored and painted. SW12


"The work is impeccable - the repair is invisible, carried out tidily and with speed " JW  SW6

  • A repair of a window frame  using a new hard wood sill and epoxy resin to repair the frame where it was rotten.   SW2
  • ​Installationof a complete new bespoke double glazed  window and box frame. SW18
  •  'Repair Care' epoxy resin system. to repair a window frame and window.  SW2 


"We were extremely pleased with the standard of work; it was approached very professionally and with huge consideration throughout, and finished on time! "

BF  SW12

​"I am much impressed with the quality of Chris' work and am more than satisfied with our new windows.  What I like about them is the combination of the old original design of window with all the benefits of modern double glazing. Having been present during the carrying out of the work I found Chris to be highly skilled and efficient with the added bonus of being well organized and tidy. He was meticulous in protecting our furnishings and cleared up after himself each day."  

​JW  SW11